LLFitness, Inc. is a privately owned company with a number of different business units. Although it is difficult to summarize all of our endeavors, we can say that we want to be the most productive small business in Broussard, Louisiana. We want to bring customers valuable, inexpensive products that they really want. Also, we would like a floating office in the Caribbean; sadly, authentic Cajun food is not available there.

We initially began LLFitness Inc. by offering health and exercise equipment. Afterwards, we noticed a need for massage therapy equipment that people, especially students, could actually afford so we then founded MassageKing.com and focused and developed its offerings for both value priced and professional massage tables, chairs and accessories. We are proud to say that today MassageKing.com is a world leader in the massage therapy industry and offers many lines of massage therapy equipment at affordable prices. Many people in the industry look to us and also thank us daily for the valuable insight and product knowledge we can offer them when making decisions about which brand and type of therapy equipment is right for them.

Currently, we are developing a diverse collection of other items from pool tables to air beds under the name aSmarterBuy.com, which will be the name of a main retail business unit powering several specialized web sites.

Our current retail channels include the internet, trade magazines, mail and telephone orders, and auction sites such as eBay.

We are the sole US importer and distributor of The Wince Bar from Wince International, and PT Fitness branded exercise products from Pride International.

We have several clients for which we provide web and email hosting for non-intensive applications. Further, we are very proud of our experienced in-house design and programming team which not only develops and maintains all of our web presence, but also develops our print advertising, and provides web design and consulting services for select clients.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.